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Website Design and Development

At Rana Technologies Ltd (RTL), we have made it our goal to provide a complete corporate website design solution for companies who desire to enter the e-business ground. This involves working with and for our clients towards building a web presence, from the simplest logo design to the most complex website database driven. We focus on creating websites that look clean, dynamic, interactive, fresh and last but definitely not least efficient and user friendly.

Our website designers and developers are competent and hard working, so you will always be happy when you make a deal with RTL.

Our Project Execution Approach

Our project execution approach for web design and development assignments will be provided to you in 5 milestones as follows:

  • Web Site Requirements

An initial meeting gives opportunity to discuss the client's desires and needs / requirements for the web site.  Pre-design decision becomes the driving force for the remainder of the development.  These issues include domain name, database requirements, purpose statement, target audience, marketing plans, and level of dynamic changes required for the web site to function on the Internet.

  • Web Site Storyboarding and Graphics Layout

The storyboard defines the overall structure of the web site, and gives an overview of the pages. Our professional graphics designers will use the client’s existing artwork, logos, and color schemes to develop a preliminary layout for the home page. Once the storyboard and graphics layout are approved development begins.

At this stage RTL will ask 50% of the total cost to be paid

  • Web Site Development

At this step in the design process, RTL merges pages defined in the storyboard phase with client’s text and the graphic design layout on each web page and search engines submissions.

  • Web Site Function Verification and Data Entry

The testing step is critical and requires teamwork. Verification of spelling, of pages loading properly on the standard browsers, of links working, and of required functions working is parts of this step.  Next the client initializes administration functions prior to input real data.

  • Training and Release to the World

Training will involve publication system procedures and the administration of the web site using our free online control panel. And the final step is to allow the users of the World Wide Web to view    your web site. During the previous steps, the web site was available online for development but hidden from the general public. The site home page is linked to the client domain name. The tracking of site visitors and search engine referrals is activated.

At this stage and when the customer is fully satisfied, RTL will ask for the  50% of the remaining agreed project costs to be paid.




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