Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

From Airports to Military bases, stadiums to schools, the need for security is constantly rising. More and more buildings and properties require perimeter intrusion protection (PIDS Systems) to prevent unauthorised access. The variety of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) available is huge. Comparing different types of PID technologies is difficult and time-consuming since many factors must be taken into consideration to choose the most suitable technology to secure a site. Rana Technologies Ltd, we are specialists in the design of effective perimeter intrusion detection systems. We help to secure sites of all sizes in all locations however remote and for any duration.
We deploy the following PIDS Systems:
  • Perimeter protection
  • Barrier-mounted systems
  • Free-standing systems
  • Ground-based systems
Rana Technologies Ltd work across multiple sectors including:
  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Utilities infrastructure
  • Mission Critical Installation like Power Transmission Sites
  • Airports, Train Stations