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Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Solution


Disaster Recovery is critical for every business and organization. Your business may experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal operations.  Data is considered as the fuel that drives organizations, and data recovery safety is a critical part of ICT planning.

As the demand for data grows, ICT businesses are faced with an increasing list of serious data backup and recovery challenges. These challenges require a more optimised and integrated mechanism to computer disaster recovery system. This includes centralized management, automated backup procedures, and the intelligent integration of different types of media, including disk and tape drives.

How can we Help?

Rana Technologies can help you prepare for disaster recovery in many ways, depending on the nature and size of your business.  W can keep your organisation back in business within 24 hours.

Using our Backup and Recovery Optimisation solution you can:

  • Recover lost information more quickly
  • Automate and optimise your backup and recovery processes
  • Perform more reliable and complete backups in less time
  • Provide faster access to archived information
  • Reduce cost associated with backup administration
  • Deploy an integrated, mixed-media backup and recovery framework for more efficient and cost-effective backup and recovery operations
  • Centrally manage your whole data backup and recovery environment
Identity-based Unified    Threat   Management
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