About Us

Welcome to RANA Technologies Ltd.

We believe that everybody deserves to be safe and secure.

The easy access to rapidly advancing technology is a blessing for progress and at the same time a challenge for those responsible for our safety.

It is our mission to support the leaders in charge of safety to provide a secure environment to work or spend time together at home or public places. We deliver our support through analyzing the security need and providing tailormade, innovative and efficient solutions.

We Care

Because ‘taking care’ is our guidance, we also fulfil our Corporate Social Responsibilities.

For this reason, we have taken the following initiative

  • We have acquired 100 acres of deforested Land about 150KM from the city that will be planted with more trees. This will create jobs to three nearby villages where there is no employment. The initiative will also add biological assets to the company.
  • Our Obligations to the environment. We actively promote Green IT and Security Solutions.
  • Social & Ethics Commitment: We have zero tolerance towards discrimination, poor working conditions, and corruption within the company.
  • It is obvious that we are committed to Safety and Security of our staff, and adherence of Human Rights principles.

Our Company Profile

Our founders Rafiy Saleh and Nasib Salim, met at the University of Dar es Salaam in 1997 and have been friends ever since. Rafiy holds Master of Computer Science (Hons) and Nasib hold a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons).

In 2008 they started Rana Technologies as they are both passionate about creating a secure and safe environment in work places and homes. For more than 10 years they have supported over fifty (50) leading companies and government organisations in creating their secure environments such as Deloitte Tanzania, Schlumberger, Muhimbil & Zanzibar National Hospitals, Letshego Bank, Afroil Oil Terminal, Tanzania Ports Authority, Nation Audit Office, Oman Onyx Stone Ltd and many more, providing innovative and efficient Security solutions.

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Our Approach

Safety and security have many aspects. Sometimes it is enough to install some easy to use ‘end point’ security and or gateway software but more often we see that an integrated security and safety solution is of vital importance.

Step 1:

Free security assessment meeting: together we determine what you need to feel safe.

Based on the experience and outcome of hundreds of security assessments we know how to ask the right questions and support you in determining what you need to feel safe and create a secure environment for those who are in your care.

Step 2:

Based on the report of the assessment we provide you with a tailormade offer to create a secure environment. The report will contain chapters covering Management Policies, Physical security and access control, employee security and information security.

Step 3:

We implement the solutions and provide you with a maintenance prescription to keep your environment secure for the period we mutually choose.


  • IT Security
    • Endpoint Protection and Network Security
  • Physical security Solutions
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Intruder detection and alarm systems
    • Control Rooms and Video Analytics
    • Integrated Perimeter Security Systems
    • Barriers and turnstiles
    • Entrance Access Control and Time Attendance
  • Safety Solutions
    • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
    • Public addressing systems (evacuation)
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions
    • Building Automation Systems
    • Security/Intrusion Systems
    • Audiovisual (A/V) Systems
    • Single Master Antenna Television (SMATV)
    • Data Communications – LAN, WAN and Data Centres