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About Rana.


With headquarters in Dar es Salaam and registered in the United Republic of Tanzania Rana Technologies Ltd provides superior ICT consulting services to our clientele serving private, non-for-profit, schools colleges, government agencies, international organisations and public sector departments.  Our main objective is to supply, install and support high quality cost effective ICT business solutions in the East and Central Africa region.



To be the leader in providing cost effective and Innovative ICT Solutions in Tanzania.



Our Mission is to become the company that best understands and satisfies our customers and always be Customer Centric Company.
As a customer-centric company we demonstrate a superior ability to understand, attract, and keep valuable customers. This ability is founded on good customer knowledge and good customer service; listening closely to customer needs and responding with solutions that meet these needs more successfully than any other company.
Being customer-centric also means having the business agility to change and evolve along with your customers, responding to shifting needs, market change, and new opportunities as they arise. To meet this challenge, we have adaptable business culture and flexible technical infrastructure to respond to change.
As a company, Rana Technologies Ltd strives to fit this description in all of our activities, from our first contact with a potential customer through the full extent of our relationship—a relationship we do everything to ensure will be strong and enduring and provide value to our customers. We also seek through our services and solutions to help our own customers become customer-driven market leaders.
Key Solutions and Services

  • Structural Cabling, Networking and Communication. We provide complete Solution to your Network requirements, whether be it a LAN, WAN, Campus-wide Network, Hotel Internet Gateway Hotspots or Community Wireless LAN. We design your network and supply devices ranging from UTP and Fiber Cables, WLAN Antennas, In-door and outdoor Access Points devices, bridges and Enterprise high capacity switches. 
  • Linux Systems support. We are well versed in offering our customers with both on-site and remote management of customers’ ICT systems. We can install Linux based email servers, web servers, backup systems, network monitoring and management software and equipment


  • IP PBXs and Telephony systems. We target small and medium businesses to Larger Organizations. Our IP PBX solutions come with an easy to use graphical interface, providing a cost-saving solution on telecommunication/data needs. With our solution, company with branch offices in different regions or countries can be easily combined together to work like a virtual single office through internet, cutting telephone costs to over 70%. Our technology provide a solid, uniform platform for both traditional PSTN communications as well as VoIP communications
  • Internet and Value Added Service. Along with DataCom, the company we are offering a wide range of Internet services from its Dar Es Salaam Data Center. Services include VPN Solutions, WiMax Broadband as well as WiFi high speed Internet.


As experts in both Linux and Window Systems Rana Tech is involved in every stage upon client selection to automate their operations- from software planning and analysis, hardware procurement, software implementation to completion offering continual functional and technical support.
Winning in business today is not simple. Rana Technologies Ltd is there to deliver products and services that significantly impact business growth, boost profits and generally make business easier.

With more than 150 corporate clients in the region, the company is driven by a professional team of experts with more than 30 years combined experience in respective fields such as:

  • Business Enterprise Applications
  • Unix Linux and Windows Systems
  • Software and Database Development
  • Privacy and Security
  • VoIP Telephone and IP PBX Systems
  • Structural cabling & wireless Networking, including campus-wide Internet Hotspots


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