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Rana Technologies Limited

We have a team of dedicated IT professionals with a wealth of experience within a range of IT consultancy and support services. Our experts have extensive experience in ICT Projects management.Our target is to take the hassle and expense out of customers’ IT infrastructure so that they can get on with their own business. IT  Consultancy services includes:  Evaluation, Planning and improvement of existing organizations’ IT infrastructure, IT Hardware Procurement , IT Project ...



The advent of internet telephony has created a new revolution in the business communication field. One aspect of this development is the discovery of computer based IP PBX system. This solution brings about greater benefits for your organization than a...


Information Security

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets - data and information.RANA
provides a wide range of security assessment and testing services, including Internet security testing, Intranet Security..



Fast Web Hosting

Our reliable and affordable web hosting services makes Rana Technologies the best place to host your business or personal website. As a business or personal website owner, you deserve high quality, reliable and affordable web hosting services from a professional web hosting company...


Transport Management System

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Our Transport Management system is designed to track preventive and repair maintenance on a fleet of vehicles and/or equipment. It lets you keep track of an unlimited number of fleet objects (vehicles or equipment) and track all of the descriptive details that are vital to fleet management.


Disaster Recovery is critical for every business and organization. Your business may experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal operations.  Data is considered as the fuel that drives organizations, and data recovery safety is a critical part of ICT planning..


An ERP system is a combination of software and hardware components to integrate numerous back-office functions across an organization. Essentially an ERP system is a business support system that maintains in a single database the data needed for a variety of business functions such as Manufacturing..






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